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This Quest is the one of the first quest you will see when you exit the tutorial.



From the Mayor, go to the right, past the fish markets and banks. Go to the wooden part and continue to the last building near the right. You should see Brewer Hajtere, there is a staircase behind him, go up it. While going up, you should see a tiny pathway outside while going up, and you should see Herbalist Jaal. He will give you a quest called An Herbalist's Request


Take the same path to the wooden path from the Herbalist part, instead of going to the potion shop, go to the building with the "smoke" (cobwebs) coming out. Go up to the pathway and instead of going in the building, look left to Blacksmith Te'vyr and right click him, he will also give you a quest when you talk to him called A Blacksmith's Request.


If you have done either or both of those two quest, go to the end of the dock and go to the right of a house, and go forward towards the logs. From there, you should see a big building with white banners near the logs. Go in the building and you will see Priest Haa'lu. They will give you a quest called A Priest's Dilemma. In there for you can also talk to Communer Nobres who will sell a Communion Stone for 50 Gold. If you buy it you will finish a quest called Communion. Doing this quest rewards enough gold to pay you back for the Communion Stone.

After speaking to everyone, go back to the mayor to complete the quest.