player. Follow these tips and you'll have a higher chance to survive the harsh world of Aeven whether it is surviving through quests or surviving Player Killers.

HOW TO: Not lose everything you have worked for:

-The moment you get 500 gold. BUY INHERITANCE. Inheritance can be bought from bankers in cities and it lets you keep the items inside your bank after you die and Reincarnate. Be careful though as Inheritance only protects you once after death and you'll need to buy it again and it does not protect the gold you were holding or the items in you inventory upon death.

-The next 250 or so gold you earn must be invested in a weapon. Knockback will save your life. I suggest buying an Axe over a Sword especially when you're still buck naked without armor since it helps you avoid damage by distancing your opponent from yourself.

-Constantly banking the gold you earn when you don't have friends is very important. Remember, if you don't bank your gold, you lose it all when you die even if you have inheritance. You'll be really lucky if someone revives you with an Acu'bar where you'll only have to worry about getting your stuff back.

Key Things to Note as a new kid:

-Bankers are only open during daytime (lasts for 2 hours) and are unavailable at night (lasts for one hour). So be careful.

-If your health is really low, I suggest you back off. At around a heart or two, you may start "Bleeding Out" which is called a mortal wound. This deals damage over time and has caused many deaths. The only way to survive this are two-three sips of a Healing Tonic.

-Partying up with someone else is really encouraged. Even if there are just two of you, the difficulty of literally everything is lowered. Aggro is split and you get more loot and gold out of it. To party, use /party and click on the text that appears.

-When doing the Family Feud quest, and are going to collect the Calscadan Leather be careful of when the bulls slowly walk backwards; the Bulls are preparing for their charge and it deals a lot of damage when you don't have armor. When you see them back away, look for higher ground. Their charge limits their ability to climb even one block up.

-When in Vastere, a desert wasteland, It is a very very good idea to walk beside a mountain. Avoid flat areas as there may be Spitters hanging out here. They have a ranged poison attack that hurts.... a lot. Think of them as a mini boss and fight them only when you have a bow and you can shoot them without them attacking you or if you have a shield as the shield can block off their attack and negate a good amount of damage.

-Remember to buy the Communion Stone from the vendor in a Temple. This gem sets your respawn point at that temple. Do this so that if you die, you can run back as fast as you can (After buying inheritance) and retrieve your items.

Tips that help..... a ton, even for older players.... Probably:

-All mob drops are useful in this game. Be careful when you throw stuff out.

-Try cooking with coal in your inventory.

-Tired of waiting for your Labor to regen? Find a house with an iron trap door over a fire and right click it.It costs a bit, but You're welcome ;)

-The Axe is the most gold efficient early game weapon.

-Killing peacekeepers is the safest way to earn gold, exp, and rare drops. They literally can't kill you. The only punishment you'll have is time, and all prison cells have a way out  ;) Like lock-picking in Calscada, "teamwork" in Oraport, and a toilet in Aobotsu.

-Kite the mobs. The monsters of the world have high DPS when stuck to you. This is why knockback saves lives. Hit, then walk back, the get closer, hit them and continue walking, repeat.

-Going to jail will always be a shorter wait than just waiting for your criminal timer. Keep this in mind when deciding what to do depending on your wants. E.g. when you need to buy something, go to jail, since merchants won't talk to criminals. If you want to farm, then avoiding getting arrested is better since you'll still be able to kill stuff.

Current known ways to avoid getting rekt by other players:

-Don't afk in a place where everyone can see you in a PvP zone. (Why would you even in the first place? xD)

-If someone stronger than you attacks you, run to the nearest Peacekeeper. You're safer with them. Use them as a shield from arrows and they'll protect you if the Assailant gets close. You can retaliate against criminals and not get wanted so having the support of a Peacekeeper is a good idea.

That is all for now. Good luck surviving and good luck in avoiding getting rekt by other players. Edit

(The writer of this is an Assassin. So..... Hi? I guess? Make a mistake and i'll kill ya in-game. Nyahahaha~) Edit
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